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P2000-DM Autometers RS 485 Modbus (v6)

  • Max 120 amp load connection
  • 3 Phase 4 Wire Multifunction energy meter
  • MID approved (Appendix "B" and "D")
  • Compatible to Autometers Horizon System
P2000 D
  • P2000 D
  • P2000 D (Text)

Product Details

Price: £150.00 (Discounts for qty)

The P2000-D is a 3 Phase 4 wire, 4 – Quadrant, 4 tariff multifunction meter with added features rated at, 230/400 volt 50 Hz, 10-120 amps and is MID approved with Appendix “B” and “D” certification. Comes standard with RS 485 Modbus (Autometers protocol V6).

The P2000-D is fitted with a large 40 x 20mm back light display programmed to display kWh, kVARh, kVAh, Volts, Amps, Watts, Power Factor, Max Demand

Available in a metal enclosure.

Additional Features

  • New MID approved Single Phase Multifunction meter
  • Instant information by pressing the Green button
  • RS 485 Modbus Autometers V6 protocol and Pulse output
  • Large size illuminated display for clarity


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