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IC 970-C Autometers RS 485 Modbus (v6)

  • C.T operated, 5 Amp, 230/400 Volt, 50Hz
  • Displaying: kWh, kVarh, kVah, Volts, Amps, Power Factor, Inst Watts, kVar, kVa, Max Demand, Kw
  • Individual keys for each parameter
  • Built in RS 485 Modbus (Autometers v.6 protocol)
  • Neutral current monitoring
IC-970-C - Front View
  • IC-970-C - Front View
  • IC970c View 03
  • IC970c View 02

Product Details

Price: £168.75 (Discounts for qty)

The IC 970-C with RS485 Communication Module is the latest 96mm panel-mounted programmable multifunction meter from Autometers displaying kWh, kVarh, kVah, Volts, Amps, power factor, Inst watts, kVar, kVa, Max demand, kW, Min and Max values it incorporates all the latest technology and features to make it accurate, reliable and easy to install.

Technical Imagery

IC-970 - Technical Details
  • IC-970 - Technical Details
  • IC-970 - Diagram View

Additional Features

  • Fast and easy installation procedure
  • Compatible with Autometers metal enclosures
  • Small and compact in size (96x96mm)
  • Extremely reliable
  • Pulse Output (volt Free)
  • Smaller dimensions for overall cost reduction of the site
  • Multi-phasing connection (single and poly-phase meter)


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