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SU 8 Autometers RS 485 Modbus output

  • 230 Volt, 50Hz
  • Each Input channel can be programmed individually
  • Built in RS 485 Modbus (Autometers v.6 protocol)
  • Summation meter 96x96mm
  • 8 Input Separate Registers
  • Total kwh Pulse Output (Volt Free)
SU8 - Front View
  • SU8 - Front View
  • SU8 - Back View
  • SU8 - Side View

Product Details

The SU 8 summation panel-mounted meter (96mm) has been designed to work with Autometers range of pulse-output meters. Where space is at a premium the SU8 can accept up to 8 separate meter inputs, show each input as a separate register and also show a summation of all 8 registers as a total.

Also available with the SU 8 is the IC900 communication module enabling all the registers to be transmitted by RS 485Modbus.

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Technical Imagery

SU8 - Technical Details

Additional Features

  • 1 Total Summated Register
  • Available with RS 485 MODBUS output
  • 8 kwh pulse inputs, summated load pulse output
  • Small and compact 96 x96 mm panel mounted
  • Compatible with Autometers Horizon range


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