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ASR-1 Split Core 250/5, 300/5, 400/5

  • Fully insulated plastic case
  • Quick release button to open frame
  • Insulated Terminal covers
ECS - Front View

Product Details

The ASR-1 range of split core current transformers have been specifically designed by Autometers Systems Ltd to be small and easy to open and yet maintain the accuracy required for kwh meters, the quick release button makes this current transformer the easiest and quickest to fit around cables.

The benefit of a split core current transformer is that it can be placed into position easily and without disturbing or disconnecting the main cables it is monitoring.

The ASR-1 range of current transformers has two red insulated terminal covers for connecting the S1 and S2 cables which lock down over the terminal screws fully insulating the connections. This makes it ideal to use Autometers cable harnesses which are colour coded and individually numbered on each conductor ensuring simple and easy connection from the current transformer to the electricity meter.

Before fitting any current transformers the circuit must be totally isolated. Under no circumstances should you try and install current transformers to a live circuit.

Technical Imagery

ASR Technical CT

Additional Features

  • Can be foot mounted or bus bar mounted
  • Cable entries on both sides of the current transformer
  • Cable markings moulded into the plastic case


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