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SCT-24 100/5, 150/5, 200/5, 300/5. 30/5, 50/5, 100/5, 125/5, 150/5, 160/5, 200/5, 250/5, 300/5, 400/5, 500/5, 600/5, 630/5, 800/5, 1000/5, 1200/5, 1250/5, 1500/5, 1600/5, 2000/5, 2500/5, 3000/5, 2000-4000

  • Small and Compact
  • Easy to Install, Quick Release Clip
  • Comes with 1 .5 metre length of cable
  • Good Size internal diameter hole. (25mm Sq).
  • Class1.0...1.0 Va

Product Details

The SCT-24 range of split core current transformers have been specifically designed by Autometers Systems Ltd to be small and easy to open and yet maintain the accuracy required for kwh meters, the quick release CLIP makes this current transformer the easiest and quickest to fit around cables.

The benefit of a split core current transformer is that it can be placed into position easily and without disturbing or disconnecting the main cables it is monitoring.

The SCT-24 Split core current transformer is supplied with a 1.5 metre length of cable colour coded to indicate S1 and S2. It is important that you do not extend the length of the cables to reach the meter.The current transformer is manufactured with the correct cable size and maximum length to ensure an accurcy level suitable for a class 1.0 meter.

Before fitting any current transformers the circuit must be totally isolated. Under no circumstances should you try and install current transformers to a live circuit.

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