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A-400-T Autometers RS 485 Modbus (v6)

  • Max 100 amp load connection
  • 4 Modules Wide
  • Mid Aproved B and D.
  • RS 485 Modbus (v6) with Two Pulse Outputs
  • Suitable for use with the Autometers Horizon System.
A-400  Small

Product Details


The A-400M is the latest in a range of three phase Four wire multifunction Din Rail energy meters. The new three phase 230/400 Volt, 50 Hz, 100 amp is approved and certified by SGS, Uk ( MID appendix “B” and “D”) This meter has been specifically designed with communication as its priority. The meter has two outputs, RS 485 Modbus communication (Autometers V6 protocol) and two pulse outputs, one set at 400 imp/kwh and one which is programmable.

The A-400M has a illuminated back light LCD display with black numbers enabling the parameters to be read a very easy. The meter has over forty parameters which can be read via the display or read via the Modbus output. To read the parameters on the display it will be necessary to put your finger on the allocated keys on the front of the meter and scroll through the display.

The meter is also fitted with a red light which blinks in proportion to the measured active energy for calibration purposes (400 imp/kwh).

The meter is available in two versions, Mains input connection at the top or the bottom of the meter.

Popular Parameters available, kWh, kVarh, Watts ,Amps, Volts, Power, Power Factor, Frequency, Import and Export energies and two tariffs, all available via the display or via the Modbus output.


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