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DTS 541. C.T. Pulse Output Only ( programmable)

  • MID Approved
  • Multifunction with 20 energy displays
  • Built in Time Switch
  • Programmable pulse output
  • Compatible with Autometers data logging systems
DTS-541 Multifunction Meter

Product Details

5 Amp Current Transformer Operated

The DTS 541 is a three phase four wire current transformer-operated 5 amp Multifunction electronic kWh meter, four- tariffs fully programmable meter with an in built time switch. The large easy-to-read LCD backlight display makes the DTS 541 one of the best meters to read in any light condition.

The DTS 541 has been factory programmed with 20 energy parameters which is available by pressing the scroll button on the meter enabling the engineer to easily understand the supply the meter is monitoring, the meter will always default to kWh.

Please see the installation brochure for details on the programmed energy registers.


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