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IC-5-9 Multifunction Meter

  • MID approved (Appendix "B" and "D")
  • 3 Phase 4 Wire, C.T.Operated
  • kwh, kVarh, KVah, Volts, Amps, Power Factor
  • Built in current shorting links
  • Twin Modbus output channels
  • Available with Remote Display
  • Built in phase voltage fuses
  • Harmonics to the 63rd INST.
IC-5 - Front View
  • IC-5 - Front View
  • IC-5 - Dimensions

Product Details

The IC-5 is a new and innovative meter by Autometers Systems Ltd, specifically designed to cut down the engineers installation and wiring time.

The IC-5 breaks new grounds in its design, not only in enabling the meter to be unplugged from the meter base allowing for any future updates ,but also in the design of the meter base where current shorting links and in line voltage protection fuses have been built in as standard.

Twin Modbus communication channels, two volt free pulse outputs ,one programmable, ensures simple accurate remote monitoring of data, particularly when used in conjunction with the Autometers Horizon System.

The twin Modbus channels enable the use of the new remote register the IC-U and the IC-S which have been designed to plug into the meter by using patch leads on channel one and enabling channel two to be connected to a remote BMS system.

Additional Features

  • 2-Pulse Output
  • RS 485 Modbus Autometers V.6. Protocol
  • Horizon Module
  • Multifunction meter


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