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IC-5 Remote Display for IC-5 Meters

  • Easy to install
  • Patch leads connectivity
  • Programmable through the front
  • 112mm x 112mm x 35mm (h x w x d)
ACG - Front view
  • ACG - Front view
  • ACG - Patch view
  • ACG - Side view
  • IC-5 - Patch view
  • ACG - Back view

Product Details

The ACG remote displays are available in two versions the ACG – SD used as a single monitoring display with the IC-5 meter and the ACG-UN connected to the ACG-5 certification gateway as a Multi-monitoring display.

The remote displays are a new concept in metering and offers a lot of beneficial advantages, such as installing the meter in a more convenient area where the mains cables can be shorter and more easily connected, enabling the remote display to be fitted in a more suitable position for ease of use. Using the ACG-UN with the ACG-5 you have the option of using one display to show all the parameters of individual meters connected to the ACG-5 gateway. So one display can read and display all the meters connected to the ACG-5 gateway (up to 15).

The new displays have a larger viewing area with a bright backlight which enables a very clear display of the information, 12 separate keys for quick reference to individual parameters such as Volts and Amps and simple connectivity using patch leads which simply plug into the back of the display to the meter or gateway, and by using the remote display (working on low voltage only) makes it even safer to use.

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Additional Features

  • 12 Keys for quick reference of information
  • Very clear display to read


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